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Using Git Submodules for Distribution.

ยท 4 min read
Marvin Danig

Some of you reached out to understand how I was using the git submodules tooling as a package manager for some of my projects, a few of which are private repositories on GitHub. Well, here it is:

To start, I'm assuming that you have already installed Toucaan inside of your project (MyProject) with the following command:

 $ cd MyProject/assets/stylesheets/.
$ git submodule add

This command allows the master distribution of Toucaan and its entire git history to sit within the namespace of your project. The installation also attaches a .gitmodules file at the root of the main project with the following contents:

[submodule "app/assets/stylesheets/toucaan"]
path = app/assets/stylesheets/toucaan
url =

You're required to check-in the .gitmodules file into your project. git uses the .gitmodules file to keep track of all the submodules or dependencies that your project will use.

Using A Relative URLโ€‹

By default, the .gitmodules file references its source repository (the master Toucaan repository on GitHub) using an absolute https url.

I usually change this url to a relative one, like so:

[submodule "app/assets/stylesheets/toucaan"]
path = app/assets/stylesheets/toucaan
url = ../toucaan.git ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป

This allows git authentication with both ssh and https, and it also helps me to point the installed submodule to a private repository within my organization.

Then I sync up all the submodule(s) that project uses and check-in the edited .gitmodules file into the main project. This step ensures that my organization has a full copy of all the submodules of the project privately and also syncs the module with the main repository.

$ git submodule sync
$ git submodule update --init --recursive --remote

Branch Naming Conventionโ€‹

For the Toucaan submodule, I step inside the toucaan folder inside MyProject and create a new branch called MyProject of Toucaan to keep all the app-specific changes relevant to MyProject in that branch.

For example, in our rails app Bubblin all submodules have a branch named bubblin to push production level code into. This way, we can leave the master or main branch of the submodule up to the maintainers for updates.

Basically, these steps:

$ cd ./MyProject/assets/stylesheets/toucaan/
git checkout -b MyProject
git remote add MyProject
git push -u origin MyProject

Note that MyProject branch is also labeled as the new origin for my instance of the Toucaan submodule.

Managing Remote Repositoriesโ€‹

This is what the original remote urls will look like inside the Toucaan submodule upon installation:

$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

Set the origin to your own private repository within your organization:

$ git remote set-url --add --fetch
$ git remote set-url origin

This will guarantee that all the app-specific downstream changes and additions to the Toucaan submodule will always be saved, and the upstream lifecycle of the FOSS repository remains unaffected.

This is how the remote urls look inside my local submodule afterwards:

$ git remote -v
MyProject (fetch)
MyProject (push)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
master (fetch)
master (push)

Developing and maintaining submodules this way offers great freedom in managing the direction of downstream work inside of any submodule, along with access to full history of mainstream FOSS community which may or may not always be aligned with your goals. It also helps keep the footprint of your overall project small and modular with the full power of git to jump to any place on the timeline created by your team or outsiders for each submodule separately.

Recursive Git Configโ€‹

For recursive checking and syncing, I have set the following on my local git true just for submodules:

$ git config submodule.recurse true

So this is how I use the git submodule system to manage and distribute the Toucaan package within my private projects.

Main Advantagesโ€‹

  1. Independence from complicated and unrelated package managers such as npm, yarn, pip, bundler or similar. Good ol' freedom!
  2. Access to full history of the submodule both from maintainer's side and your own.
  3. Stronger control, better access, and improved maintainability of project internal dependencies. While the repository of the Toucaan submodule lives inside of the project MyProject it still has a separate git history and doesn't "pollute" the git log with the detailed check-ins of the changes made to the submodule.

These are few advantages from the top of my head. Are you using git submodules for distribution any differently? Do share your strategy or tips!