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Getting Started


Add Toucaan to your project, like so:

git submodule add

The command above will install Toucaan to your project like a git submodule1. That's it. Now you can start implementing your application's multiple frontends with Toucaan.

Go to the next step and configure your HTML to start using Toucaan.

Not using git? Set up Toucaan manually (DIY) in just a few commands and use any version control you like.


Review the Architecture of Toucaan and glance through the core concepts quickly.

Inline Documentation

Toucaan's sourcecode is also documented in-line. Contributions and improvements are very welcome.


This is an early version of Toucaan (< 1.0.0). Our documentation and tooling is in the state of flux and you're likely to encounter a few breaking changes in the next few weeks.

  1. Please add and commit the .gitmodules file to your project.