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3. Framework Overview

Toucaan is a stack-agnostic vanilla styling framework. Meaning, it's just plain CSS to boot, install, and design your applications with. Toucaan can be used with any frontend development framework of your choice without having to rely on a specific package manager (like npm of node) that may come with the web framework.

By design, Toucaan is intrinsic, mutative, and deterministic in nature. Meaning:

  1. It enables implementation of UX/UI using the intrinsic qualities of the medium,
  2. It allows customization of the framework defaults starting from vendor normalization and upwards, and
  3. It affords deterministic control over UX/UI instead of an assumptive one with arbitrary breakpoints.

Toucaan is also great way to organize your application css. Add support for the new kind of devices on the web and go beyond just mobile and desktop.

Take a look at the Architecture of Toucaan in the next chapter.